Agile project management basics live online training for teams

Agile mindset, Scrum and Kanban

Virtual, live online training

Agile approaches keep dominating conversations in the business world. Some deeply believe in it; some people dismiss it altogether. Whichever group we might belong to, it is certainly useful to know what this way of thinking entails.

Our short training covers the basics of agile project management and is intended for those who have not yet been acquainted with this topic.

This program is focused on the basics of agile, and we take a detailed look into the Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Our view is that in the future, businesses will make use of mixed portfolios and therefore basic knowledge of a variety of approaches is a necessity for project members.

Participation fee: 850 EUR + VAT/group (4-10 participants)


There are no prerequisites for this course. We recommend our 1-day (8 hours) course if your team:

  • is just starting to get acquainted with agile project management,
  • works on projects that require close collaboration with your user or customer,
  • works in a constantly changing environment,
  • would like to take a value centred approach in their projects,
  • hasn’t yet used agile approaches, but they would like to try in the near future.

The program can be held with tailored agenda. 

Előfeltételek és vizsgainformáció

Our experts

Dvorzsak Alex

Alexander Dvorzsák, agile coach, PSPO, PSM, DASSM

In the past 12 years Alexander worked as an IT developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach for multinational a mid-sized companies. He supported Telco and IT projects and agile transformations.

Pétercsák Réka

Réka Pétercsák, coach, trainer, consultant

In the past 8 years Réka worked as a consultant and certified coach on digitalization and smart city projects all around Europe, worked with agile teams and supported agile transformations.

ProMan Consulting Kft. was founded with the goal to deliver high value to our clients through training and consultancy services in the field of project/portfolio/program management, RPA, agile delivery, transformations, and organizational development.

Our certified trainers and consultants have trained over 2000 individuals in Hungary both in Hungarian and English and based on the positive feedback, now, we also provide live online Scrum Master training for experts all over Europe.

Training agenda

A tanfolyam tematikája

Agile basics

• Adaptive thinking, introduction to agile approaches
• Agile methodologies
• Agile manifesto, principles, values
• Lean basics, lean and agile
• Misconceptions, agile and traditional approaches
• A critical view of agile approaches

Kanban basics

• Goals and history of Kanban
• Basic principles, value streams
• Kanban board and WIP limits
• Rules of the Kanban board, Little’s law
• Kanban in practice

Scrum framework

• Basics and pillars of Scrum
• Roles, Scrum Master and Product Owner levels
• Process overview, ceremonies and their scheduling in practice
• Artefacts, backlog, feature, epic, user story
• Planning onion, roadmap and release planning
• Estimation methods and dimensions
• Information boards and their roles

Real life examples

• When to use it?
• How to use it?
• Pros and cons

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident about the quality of our programmes. If you are not satisfied with the training and notify us about it on the first day, you will not be charged. We are only accepting payment after the course has concluded.


Pricing and schedule

The course is a 1-day training (8 hours) building on theory and practice.

We provide the training in English for groups of 4-10 participants. We are ready to tailor the agenda and schedule the course based on the team’s needs. 

The size of the group is maximized in 10 people for effectiveness. Remote online trainings require stable internet connection and a web camera. Handouts and further materials will be sent in an electronic format via e-mail.

Satisfaction Guarantee – We are confident about the quality of our programmes. If you are not satisfied with the training and notify us about it on the first session, you will not be charged. We are only accepting payment after the course has concluded.

Price850 EUR + VAT/group (4-10 participants)

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The practical tasks included in our programme were inspired by real project experience. It allows participants to receive support and gain valuable practical experience.

7 reasons to choose us

We only host trainings for small groups. For learning effectiveness, we maximize the number of participants in 10 people per programme.
PMI minősítés ikon
Certified trainers – Our trainers hold traditional and agile project management, and coaching certifications that demonstrate their expertise and experience.
Payment only after the training: there is no advance payment obligation, we only bill you after the programme has concluded.
Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our training and you indicate that during the first session of the course, you won’t be charged.
Practical approach: we take a process-oriented approach and our teaching material is illustrated with examples tailored to the applicants’ professional experience
Consultancy sessions: We offer consultancy opportunities to all our participants. We are happy to share our professional experience, make recommendations and answer practical questions.
Professional experience: our trainers have gained experience and supported projects in agile environments as scrum master, product owner, agile coach, allowing them to offer practical help in real-life situations.