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Proman Consulting is an authorised training partner of PMI

ProMan Consulting is an authorized training partner of PMI and can provide a quality exam preparation program for all PMI certifications relevant to the domestic market without the need for subcontractors or external experts.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's largest project management organisation, with internationally recognised and highly regarded qualifications. Get the certificates to give your career a new boost!


The PMP certification is the highest level of professional certification available to project managers, with more than 1,000,000 holders worldwide.

By obtaining the above title, the value, marketability and professional performance of qualified professionals will also increase, so it can be incorporated into organisational career paths. In Hungary, there are currently around 900 people with PMP certification, a number that is rapidly increasing. In the international, complex case, this qualification is now a standard requirement!

The PMP qualification is recommended for experienced project managers who wish to expand their methodological knowledge and obtain an internationally recognised certificate for their experience and knowledge.

Prerequisites, examination fee

  • 36 months of project management experience in the last 8 years for university or college graduates (60 months for post-secondary graduates) AND
  • 35 hours of structured project management training, certified by our exam preparation course, or
  • valid CAPM certification.

Examination fee: 555 USD


The CAPM certification is recommended for novice project managers, project coordinators and project members. The CAPM certificate certifies that the certified person knows and understands the project management processes and the related tools.

The CAPM qualification will help you launch your project management career and provide a solid foundation in becoming an experienced project manager!

Prerequisites, examination fee

  • Minimum of secondary education and
  • 23 hours of structured project management training, a prerequisite certified by our exam preparation course.

Examination fee: 300 USD


PMI-ACP - Agile Certified Practitioner


PMI-ACP is one of the fastest growing qualifications of the PMI. This is because it is the only agile credential that does not focus on just one role.

With mixed project portfolios, there is no longer a "one-size-fits-all" solution, so the use of agile toolkits is now expected.

The PMI-ACP certificate certifies that the certified expert has agile tools and knowledge that can be applied in different roles (e.g. Product Owner, Scrum Master, agile coach, agile project manager) and is familiar with the different methodological trends (e.g. XP, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Crystal, etc.).

Prerequisites, examination fee

  • 8 months of experience in Agile projects in the last 3 years, AND
  • 12 months of general experience in projects (can be replaced by PMP certification) AND
  • 21 hours of training covering Agile mindset, a prerequisite certified by our exam preparation course

Examination fee: 495 USD

PMI-DASSM - Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master

PMI-DASSM is PMI's latest certification covering the Disciplined Agile toolkit. PMI has placed a strong emphasis on the Agile approach in recent years, resulting in the Disciplined Agile Toolkit.

The PMI-DASSM certificate certifies that the certified expert has experience and deep knowledge as a Scrum Master, is able to effectively support teams and organisations, support scaling, build and develop ways of working (WoW) even by combining several methodological elements.

Prerequisites, examination fee

  • minimum 2 years of experience in an agile team, ideally in a Scrum Master or Product Owner role AND
  • Participation in the DASSM exam preparation training

Examination fee: included in the training course


PMI-PBA - Professional in Business Analysis

According to a recent PMI survey, more than 40% of failed projects are rooted in inadequate requirements definition or management. The PMI-PBA certification may be an appropriate choice for business analysts and project managers who are also involved in business analysis.

The qualification demonstrates that the qualified person knows and understands the business analysis process and is able to apply its tools in practice.

Prerequisites, examination fee

  • 36 months of business analysis (BA) experience in the last 8 years for higher education (60 months for intermediate education) AND
  • 35 hours of structured business analysis (BA) education, a prerequisite certified by our exam preparation course

Examination fee: 555 USD

Examination and maintenance of qualification

PMI examinations are computer-based, typically multiple-choice tests, as follows:

  • PMP: 230 minutes 180 questions
  • PMI-DASSM: 90 minutes 50 questions
  • PMI-PBA: 4 hours 200 questions,
  • PMI-ACP: 3 hours 120 questions,
  • CAPM: 3 hours, 150 questions.

Exams are available every week online and at Pearson Vue centres in several locations.

The PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP and PMI-PBA certifications are valid for 3 years, the DASSM certification is valid for 1 year without the need for a further exam,

  • For PMP and PBA 60,
  • For DASSM 16,
  • For PMI-ACP 30,
  • For CAPM, it can be extended by collecting 15 PDUs (Professional Development Units).
One PDU is equivalent to one hour of training or self-development. 

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