Coaching Services

What does coaching mean?

Coaching is a goal-oriented, solution-focused facilitation process. The coach uses creative tools and perspective-changing questions to support the client in finding the most appropriate solutions and action plans, to develop self-awareness and professional functioning.

We offer our coaching services to individuals and organisations. Individual coaching sessions and group coaching are useful if you need a new approach to help you regain the ability to act in a volatile and turbulent situation, if you need a new boost in a familiar environment, or if you want to explore new possibilities for individual or group development and change the status quo.

During coaching sessions, it is possible to identify existing resources, to formulate individual and group values and goals that are credible for the participants, and then to develop, improve and follow up an action plan. In addition, clients are introduced to a solution-focused approach that supports them in moving forward with momentum and energy towards their goals, whether it is daily interactions, professional development, finding new career paths, strengthening inter-departmental relationships, increasing efficiency or enhancing leadership skills.

We recommend this service for organisations and teams if the aim is:

  • resilience, effective self-organisation, regaining capacity to act in turbulent and volatile times
  • building partnerships
  • building and strengthening cross-functional cooperation between project teams and workflow participants
  • strengthening an engaging organisational culture
  • reinforcing, raising awareness of and developing organisational values
  • supporting team development and cooperation

It is recommended for individuals if the goal is:

  • resilience, effective self-organisation, regaining capacity to act in turbulent and volatile times
  • building effective interactions with colleagues, managers
  • individualised follow-up and support for professional development
agile coaching


The following services are designed to give our participants the opportunity to acquire basic skills, to receive personal support in confidently applying the acquired knowledge in practice, and to be able to carry out quality professional activities in their daily lives.

We provide our clients a supportive environment for leadership, team and individual development, fostering a willingness to collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, self-organise and innovate.

The coaching sessions will also help participants to put into practice the basics of solution-focused thinking and development thinking. Our most popular coaching and mentoring processes are presented below, but we are happy to suggest combinations of the following services or tailor-made topics within an individual timeframe.

Most popular coaching and mentoring formats:

Executive coaching - individual sessions

Through our coaching process for leaders, we support our clients in the effective practical application of the leadership toolkit by developing and following up on a personalised development and action plan.

The most common topics of personalised sessions:

  • the dynamics of a solution-focused work environment
  • development of daily interactions, resilience
  • diagnosis of personal leadership resources,
  • tools to effectively support colleagues,
  • the basics of giving and receiving constructive criticism,
  • supporting the self-organisation of employees,
  • individual professional challenges, vision

Time required: approx. 30 minutes of cost-free preparatory discussion, followed by a choice of 90 or 60-minute sessions


We use a solution-focused Brief Coaching toolkit to support our clients to quickly move from a difficult situation in their professional life to return to creative, motivated activity on topics such as:

  • improving workplace interactions,
  • personal resilience,
  • motivation, work-life balance,
  • conflict resolution,
  • developing a vision and identifying the way forward

Time required: approx. 30 minutes of cost-free preparatory discussion, followed by a choice of 90 or 60-minute sessions

senior executive coaching

Team coaching workshop series

Team coaching enables participants to find a common, creative solution to a team issue in a supportive environment, and to function as a more resilient, collaborative team.


Stages of the workshop series:

The aim of the series of 6 2-hour workshops is to support the development of high-performing, self-organising, self-developing teams within the organisation, as described below:

Developing a team vision: a shared vision is the first step in developing a productive and positive team identity.

Developing interactions: as a result of the workshop, the team will be able to more consciously explore the verbal interactions that accompany daily work and learn techniques to increase their sense of competence and willingness to cooperate.

Processes, principles, values: the clarification of processes, principles and values will help the team to give direction to its own functioning and to clarify the responsibilities of team members.

Strengths and challenges: the joint and transparent identification of strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities, builds trust between team members, helps to define common development priorities and provides a systematic basis for joint improvement.

Developing way of working: helps the team to formulate their own methods and tools to achieve the goals and vision they have set.

Examining team operation: the team learns simple methods for continuous self-reflection and adaptation to change. It supports the third and fourth phases of team development, the regulatory and productive phases.

team coaching


The aim of the 2-day intensive team coaching is to support the team to reach a level of active, forward-looking action on an issue that concerns them.

Time requirement: 2 days + 1 optional 2-hour follow-up session

We offer this service to new teams or to teams who feel the need to rebuild their professional collaboration, to be more motivated, to work in a more confidential atmosphere and to support each other in their daily activities.

During the two-day programme, we will assess individual needs and goals for the team's start-up and individual theme, and then support them through a series of exercises to find common ground, define success criteria, build consensus and create an action plan. During the process, participants will also learn the basics of solution-focused thinking, which will help them to create a more collaborative and supportive atmosphere in their professional environment during and after the 2 days.

The two-day programme is also designed to focus on the way we look at working as a team:

  1. consciously supporting change through self-organisation
  2. contribute to achieving goals by strengthening relationships and communication
  3. valuing and acknowledging different preferences
  4. prefer interactions focused on the future and solutions

Project mentoring

In a traditional project environment, project mentoring can be an effective way to support project managers.

In traditional projects, an experienced project advisor or mentor is assigned to a project manager appointed to lead a specific project, and provides ongoing, on-the-job support. Such support can include sharing best practices, personal experience and knowledge, as well as providing technical advice based on the needs of the mentored person. This will enable the mentored project manager to deal with difficult situations immediately and also to develop.

agile coaching

In the case of agile teams, the traditional mentoring tasks are complemented by coaching support, whereby the coach can provide support on topics such as:

  • Facilitating ceremonies (planning, daily standup, refinement, review, retrospective)
  • Roadmap development and product owner support
  • Scrum master tasks and progressive handover
  • Team dynamics and development support
  • Transfer of coaching techniques
The above can also be of great help during agile transformations, improving the collaboration, agile mindset and hands-on experience of the teams and the stakeholders supporting them.
agile coaching


In the process of shadowing, the consultant follows the days of a co-worker in order to get to know him/her better, to map his/her communication, his/her network of relationships, his/her usual behaviour patterns and daily routine.

The aim of our anthropological approach is to give the client feedback on his daily work from the perspective of an external observer. Following the observation, we analyse the patterns identified, the usual daily tasks and situations, process them within the framework of joint reflection, evaluating the sometimes problematic situations that have become automatic in the daily routine, and then, with the help of solution-focused questions, develop a development plan, solution proposals and standards.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the decision points and situations which, if changed, can significantly improve the quality of daily work, thus having a positive impact at the individual level and freeing up significant working time.

Time required: 1 or 2 days of observation on request and 2×1,5 hour coaching sessions to develop a development plan.

Our coaching services are carried out according to the ethical standards  set by the International Coaching Federation.

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