Please be informed that by using the website available at you as the customer declare that you are aware of and accept the following general terms and conditions of contract written in accordance with the Civil Code (Act V of 2013), §6:77-6:81. If you wish to become a customer or an active user of the services offered by our website, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully and use our services only if you agree with all of them and consider them binding on you.

This document is concluded in electronic form only. The contract governed by the following terms and conditions shall be deemed to be a contract concluded between distance contractors within the meaning of the Civil Code.


ProMan Consulting Kft.
Registered office: H-1221 Budapest, Tanító street 15/1a.
Office and training location: H-1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi street 29/b.
Company registration number: 01-09-293715
Tax number: 25872448-2-43
Mailing address: H-1221 Budapest, Tanító street. 15/1a.
Phone: +36 20 333 0386

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On this website you can register for or enquire about project management and business workshops, training courses and other professional programmes and consultancy services.


3.1 The handouts and other professional documents provided during the programmes are the exclusive property of ProMan Consulting Kft.

3.2 In the event of a proven violation of the above (3.1), the Service Provider may claim compensation towards the Applicant for the damages caused.


4.1 Filling in the form to enquire about the open programmes advertised by ProMan Consulting Kft. does not imply any obligation to place an order.

4.2 By submitting an enquiry, ProMan Consulting Ltd. is not able to reserve places, so it does not constitute an order or a contract as such.

4.3 Contacting us with the enquiry can be made via the form on each service sub-page.


5.1 Participation in the open programmes announced by ProMan Consulting Kft. is possible after confirmation of the application. The application can be indicated in the purpose field of the forms on the Hungarian subpages of the services.

5.2 By applying, the applicant undertakes to pay the invoice issued by bank transfer within 8 calendar days of receipt of the programme. Exceptions to this rule are made in the case of individual contractual agreements.

5.3 If the applicant cancels his/her participation within 10 calendar days prior to the programme, he/she agrees that ProMan Consulting Kft. may charge a cancellation fee of up to 30% of the programme fee. The Applicant will be exempted from this fee if he/she postpones the application to the next announced date.

5.4 The participation fees for open, classroom-based training courses include the costs of room rental and preparation, and for full-day programmes, lunch is also provided by ProMan Consulting Kft. In the case of online distance learning programmes, the link and the platform to connect to the programme will be provided by ProMan Consulting Kft.

5.5 If ProMan Consulting Kft. indicates an incorrect price next to the service, despite the due diligence expected of it, and the price of the service differs from its generally accepted price, the service provider is not obliged to provide the service at the incorrect price, but is obliged to offer the applicant the possibility of participation at the real price in the order confirmation. If the candidate does not wish to avail himself of this option, he shall have the right to withdraw unilaterally from the contract.

5.6 The application process can be completed by filling in the appropriate forms on the sub-pages of the services. The applicant's name, billing address and the date of the programme are mandatory fields, without which we will not be able to finalise the application.

5.7 After the application has been sent, we will contact the applicant by e-mail or telephone and confirm the application. In the absence of confirmation, the application will not constitute a contract.


6.1 ProMan Consulting Kft. has developed a Complaints Handling Policy for the effective handling of information related to adult education activities. This Policy is effective from the date of its issuance and is binding for all employees of the organisation.

6.2 ProMan Consulting Ltd. will send information about its complaints handling procedure to the participants of adult education simultaneously with the application.

6.3 Complaints and complaints are received in writing (by letter, email) or in person. Complaints will be accepted by providing the following information:

  • Name of the complainant
  • Name and date of training
  • Detailed description of the complaint

In the case of a complaint made in person at the training location, the complaint can be made on the complaint form provided by us. The complaint form will be sent to the customer by e-mail on request.

6.4 Complaints received will be responded to in writing immediately if the complaint allows, or within a maximum of 1 week.

6.5. During the courses and training sessions, the instructor shall handle any verbal complaints of a professional nature received by the instructor on site, if possible, otherwise the fact and content of the complaint shall be recorded.

6.6. If the subject matter of the complaint exceeds the competence of the instructors, the matter shall be dealt with by the executive director.

6.7 The complainant shall also be informed immediately in writing of any complaint which is not accepted, giving the reasons for rejecting the complaint.

6.8 ProMan Consulting Ltd. keeps a record of complaints, our system ensures that both positive and negative feedback received can be used to improve the quality of our services.

6.9. Cancellation is possible in case of programmes with more than one session, which must be indicated by the applicant at the first opportunity. This may be done in writing (e-mail) to, giving details of the reasons. In this case, ProMan Consulting Kft. will terminate the contract with immediate effect and the applicant will not participate in any further sessions of the programme and ProMan Consulting Kft. will not be entitled to any reimbursement of costs. In the event of a suitable programme or a postponed programme (5.3), the above provisions shall no longer apply.


7.1 Payment is made after the programme has been closed and an invoice has been issued. Electronic registration forms will ensure proof of participation and completion.

7.2 Payment can be made by bank transfer to the account number indicated on the invoice or in cash against invoice at the end of the programme.


8.1 The terms and conditions of our external programmes are set out in an individual contract.


9.1 The applicant organisation acknowledges and agrees that its logo may be used as a reference on the website of ProMan Consulting Kft. without mentioning the specific programme.

9.2 If the applicant organisation requests in writing to refrain from doing so, ProMan Consulting Kft. shall refrain from such reference.

ProMan Consulting Kft. will treat the personal data provided when using the website as confidential and will not disclose it to any third party, details of which are set out in our privacy policy. Privacy in our factsheet.


10.1 The applicant undertakes to provide the data to be reported by ProMan Consulting Kft. for the fulfilment of the requirements of Government Decree 11/2020 (7.II.) and Act LXXVII of 2013 on Adult Education.

Last update date: 31 December 2020.