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Be a Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master!

The Project Management Institute's latest agile qualification certifies that you, as a Scrum Master, are able to use a wide variety of agile frameworks (e.g. Kanban, Scrum, SAFe®) and are able to create, support, and scale the most optimal way of working for teams so that they can stand their ground in any situation.

Take a deep dive into the DA toolkit, get to know hundreds of techniques and strategies! Our program covers topics such as creating and developing a way of working, resolving the complex challenges of IT and business teams, leading agile teams, eliminating organizational barriers, and supporting value creation for the customer.

PMI- DASSM Live online training

Participation fee:

2500 EUR + VAT/ group (4-10 participants)

Exam fee: 180 EUR + VAT/ participant


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Prerequisites and exam info

Conditions of qualification:

  • 2 years experience in agile teams, ideally as Scrum Master or Product Owner and:
  • taking a DASSM exam preparatory course

The exam can be taken within 30 days after the course. Retaking the exam is possible, in which case the fee is 150 USD directly payable to PMI.

The DASSM online exam contains 50 questions and the applicants have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Course Agenda

Disciplined agile

  • Who is the DASSM? What is DA?
  • How does a DASSM serve?
  • DASSM roles and responsibilities

Tactical scaling in complex situations

  • Business agility
  • Strategic vs Tactical scaling
  • Scaling factors and goals

Pragmatic planning

  • Planning onion
  • Agile modelling
  • Improving planning

Emotional intelligence & Teams

  • IQ vs EQ
  • Psychological safety
  • Building EQ
  • Team building
  • Decision-making

Disciplined DevOps & value stream layers

  • Disciplined DevOps goals
  • Teamwork optimization
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Using Value Streams
  • MBI and MVP
  • Portfolio management

Pragmatic reporting, metrics

  • Organisational and team metrics
  • Challenges and solutions
  • How to choose the metrics?

Coordination & collaboration across teams

  • Teams & value realisation
  • Exploring options
  • Value realization structure of teams


  • Healthy and unhelathy conflict
  • Levels of conflict and resolution
  • Protecting yourself and your team

Exam simulation, assessment and consultations

  • Exam simulation and detailed assessment
  • Handover of additional learning materials
  • Optional consultations

Money-back guarantee

We are confident about the quality of our programmes. If you are not satisfied with the training and notify us about it on the first day, you will not be charged. We are only accepting payment after the course has concluded.

Pricing and schedule

Our PMI Authorized DASSM® live online training (20 hours) contain:

  • 2-day virtual, live sessions where we cover all the required topics needed to successfully pass the exam. During the two days the participants solve test questions similar to the real exam which are evaluated with the help of a PMI Authorized DASSM® instructor.
  • Exam simulation & evaluation session to discuss the problematic topics.
  • Unlimited free one-on-one consultations - our most important KPI is the success rate, no limitations, if you need help we are available.
  • PMI exam administration support- we gladly help you with the registration
  • Official PMI-DASSM handouts and digital materials for the DASSM exam preparation

To successfully pass the exam, it is essential to get routine in test-taking, therefore up until the exam we continuously support the participants.

In case of any questions please contact us.

The programme contain a 2-day training (16 hours), exam simulation & evaluation, consultations, admin support, official PMI-DASSM handouts and the DASSM exam. 

Participation fee:

2500 EUR + VAT/ group (4-10 participants)

Exam fee: 180 EUR + VAT/ participant

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The practical tasks included in our programme were inspired by real project experience. It allows participants to receive support and gain valuable practical experience.

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