Management systems development

Senior management of organisations and those responsible for management systems (quality, environmental, information security, etc.) have a legitimate expectation that the company, the specialised areas concerned, are managed by a well-defined, regulated, independent organisation operate according to certified, continuously monitored and improved processes and daily practices. This need is addressed by the various management and integrated management systems, which, either separately or in an integrated way, guarantee that organisational processes, objectives, products and services are implemented in accordance with internal requirements and defined external standards.

ISO system development

ISO standards (international standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization) are designed to strengthening the trust of customers and other stakeholders, to ensure the performance necessary for the production and operation of quality, environmentally friendly products and services that meet information security requirements. This system operation is independent of industry, organisational size or core business, and can add significant value in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, in addition to certification. Our services focus on ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 27001 information security, ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 45001 occupational safety requirements prepare you to comply with. From According to IATF 16949 management system support specifically for the automotive operators which is already a standard requirement in this area.

ISO system design and training

Near 20 years of experience in process development, certification and independent auditing we can develop, build, train and audit a variety of management systems.

We believe that such a certified system can be valuable if it is consistent with daily practice and its elements are implemented in an effective, practice-oriented way on a daily basis.

In our opinion, an ISO-based system development, operation or audit adds significant value to the to improve processes, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and not incidentally about this organisational value certifying certification is ad. Whether we are talking about ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 27001 information security, ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 45001 occupational safety or their integrated systems, our staff can help you achieve this goal by understanding requirements and developing and operating processes to meet them.

How can we help you obtain ISO certification?

Assessment, implementation and training

  • Assessment of leadership, management, core and support activities
  • Creating a flow map,
  • Review of processes, regulatory documents
  • Benchmarking of existing processes against requirements
  • Preparing proposals for process improvements
  • Development and adoption of regulations
  • Training new process elements

Regular audits and system monitoring

  • Setting annual quality targets, drawing up quality plans
  • Certification of suppliers, subcontractors
  • Customer satisfaction measurement aggregation, organisational level performance evaluation
  • Documentation review, continuous process improvement
  • Regular internal audits, review of the functioning of the system
  • Holding mandatory internal training
  • Implement corrections following certification, review audits

IATF 16949 - Quality management system for the automotive industry

What is IATF 16949?

International Motor Vehicle Special Committee (IATF - Daimler, FCA, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Volkswagen, BMW), brings together in a single system a number of the relevant quality requirements for the OEM and their supplier/supplier network (Tier 1-2-3). By operating to the requirements, you can continuously improve the quality of your company's systems and processes and focus on customer satisfaction.

How can we help you obtain IATF certification?

System building, implementation

Specification and conversion of processes, templates, e-learning training according to the requirements.


It cannot become an automotive supplier, cannot keep its position, if its quality management system does not develop further according to IATF requirements!

Classroom and e-learning

Learn the main features of the system and prepare for the audit without taking time out from your daily work with the help of e-learning.


If during the audit any member of staff cannot demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the requirements system, the audit is likely to fail which may result in additional costs!

IT support

Support for document management, automatic document generation, resource management and teamwork in the cloud or even on-premise.


Meeting the requirements is very with a serious documentation requirement which are electronic the production of, Management reduce the administrative to do!

Our consultants also have extensive experience in auditing, which enables them to prepare for a successful audit in a conscious and effective way. With our success fee scheme, we also offer a joint guarantee for the success of the transition!

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